A little about me

My name is Brandon Stall I have 2 brothers named Jacob and Zach. Zach is 13 years old and Jacob is 15 and has terates. My mother works at a car delarship in defience and we live in bryan. I play on my shcools bowling team and plan to do the same this year in novemebr.

We have had 7 pets all were cats we now only have one cat which is min who is a tan colord cat named sandy. My mom works till about 6pm every day zach usally isn't at the house for most of the day hes usally out of the house with his friends. I really enjoy playing D&D with friend whem im not doing anything else during that time I usally pay in about 4 games a week around 6pm till about 9pm. we also play with a astralian who has a sleepign disorder to were he sleeps for a very long time every day.

I aslo play alot of video games uassly game like multi verse yughio and pokemon with my group of online friends. One of the people I play with called Ink online sweats extremly hard at every game he plays and makes people not want to play him anymore.
The person who usally runs the games for use is named drago he always puts togehter realy fun worlds for use to play in an is very flexable with the rules and isnt a stikler with them. Then theres sereph who usally complains when he isnt the strongest out of the group and trys to make otheres change there classes so he can be stronger. Those the people I like to play games with and spend free time doing things with.

Names of my 7 cats

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