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Chandler Gibbs and his little sister

About Me

I was born in Hicksville Ohio, but I moved to and from Hicksville a lot. I have moved between Florida, Ohio, and Indiana the most. I have been to a lot of different schools throughout Ohio and Indiana however I only attended 1 in Florida. I have been wanting to come to fourcouty since middle school. then when my sister came to fourcounty she talked to me about certain aspects of the school and I chose a lab that I wanted to be in, Computer programming and game design. Then when we got to visit fourcounty lasy year I made sure that this would be the one I wanted and I applied.


My close Family includes my Mother and my 3 sisters. My older sister Mckenzie is 19, My younger sisters include Mariah who is 15 years old and my other little sister Charleigh who is 1 year old. Me and my 15 year old sister have the same disgusting dad however my older sister and my other little sister have different dads each of which were scumbags. My mother is 37, she was born in Hicksville just like me and all three of my sisters. She graduated highschool and then went on to graduate collage with her batchler's degree while taking care of my older sister. After that she decided to work in a factory because she couldn't handle people that well. She met my "father" in a factory in Hicksville. She ended up asking him to marry her. They were married for 10 years and my mother then became a stay at home mom in her 20s. My father was very manipulative and yelled at her over every little thing. Then when she finally made it out of the marrage she picked herself back up and started working again. For like 6 months she was couch surfing and my 2 sisters had to stay with my father while I got sent to my grandmother (his mom) because my father didn't like me that much. After the 6 months she started renting a house at which point we all came back to live with her. And then she met another scumbag at another factory in hicksville but this scumbag was 13 years older than her to put that into perspective, when she was going into kindergarden he was going into his senior year in highschool. she was with 2 other scumbags that both cheated on her before him but they were less memorable. anyways while she was with him they had a child named Charleigh so not everything that came from that relationship was bad. My father is listed as a scumbag and disgusting for a few different reasons 1 because he did some "not school appropriate" stuff to my sister from the ages of 13-16. 2 He always asked my mother for more money than what she needed to give him for child support including paying for a trip to florida for my sisters, my father, his new girlfriend, and her 2 kids. 3 he came from a family full of scumbags. 4 He isn't faithful to anyone. He tried to text other girls all the time even when he was married to my mom. Including hitting on her best friend and doing the no school appropriate stuff to my older sister while they were married. 5 He always yelled at everyone for everything. I don't think I have any memories of him not yelling. 6 He was drunk often. I don't talk to his family anymore because they ignore my sister even though they had been her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins too since she was 5 and Marshall (my father) adopted her.


My friends currently include Devon Smith, Alyssa Costilla (we refer to her as God ), Alex last name too long to remember, Hayden Ferarr , and Joeseph Greer . I've known devon since 7th grade and we've been friends since then, we were the only 2 trombones players in band and Alex was also in band at the time but I didn't really know him all that well. Joeseph I met back in 2nd Grade, I don't really remember how. I met everyone else once I got into highschool. My freshman year me and joseph sat with the rest at lunch and we all became pretty close friends.


I like to play videogames (obviously), I used to ride my bike all the time and for half of my freshman year and my entire sopmore year I worked out. I also watch anime and I used to have an app on my phone the let me animate frame by frame and I'd always take up like 500 frames. I used premade characters that I could just move the joints or whole figure then I'd set the playback speed to 60 frames per second and it'd be a short little animation. I think the app was called "stick node" or something like that. I played football my sophmore year but I was awful. I also watch anime and making fun of my friends (they do the same to me).

Interesting Facts

Out of all of my family members I am closest to Elijah Sanchez who is in the other IT Academy class and my little sister Charleigh. I didn't like the school in florida (I was in 1st grade) because another student in my class was playing games on his computer and I told him that he needed to work on something or I'd tell the teacher, He said that if I told on him that he'd chop my fingers off with his safety scissors. I haven't snitched since.

My top 10 favorite anime:
  1. One Piece
  2. One Punch Man
  3. Scissor Seven
  4. Mushoku Tensei
  5. Mob Psycho
  6. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day
  7. Jujutsu Kaisen
  8. Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious
  9. Dragon Ball
  10. Naruto


Here is my teacher, Mr.Geiger's Website .

I really enjoy Zelda .

I also like COD: Black Ops .

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