My Family And Past

My close Family includes my Mother and my 3 sisters. My older sister Mckenzie is 19, My younger sisters include Mariah who is 15 years old and my other little sister Charleigh who is 1 year old. Me and my 15 year old sister have the same disgusting dad however my older sister and my other little sister have different dads each of which were scumbags. My mother is 37, she was born in Hicksville just like me and all three of my sisters. She graduated highschool and then went on to graduate collage with her batchler's degree while taking care of my older sister. After that she decided to work in a factory because she couldn't handle people that well. She met my "father" in a factory in Hicksville. She ended up asking him to marry her. They were married for 10 years and my mother then became a stay at home mom in her 20s. My father was very manipulative and yelled at her over every little thing. Then when she finally made it out of the marrage she picked herself back up and started working again. For like 6 months she was couch surfing and my 2 sisters had to stay with my father while I got sent to my grandmother (his mom) because my father didn't like me that much. After the 6 months she started renting a house at which point we all came back to live with her. And then she met another scumbag at another factory in hicksville but this scumbag was 13 years older than her to put that into perspective, when she was going into kindergarden he was going into his senior year in highschool. she was with 2 other scumbags that both cheated on her before him but they were less memorable. anyways while she was with him they had a child named Charleigh so not everything that came from that relationship was bad.