Who Am I?

Hi! My name is Andy. I am a junior at FCCC in the computer programming and game design lab. Instructors Site
I wanted to take this course to learn more programming languages and figure out how databases work. Almost everything I have learned before this class was just looking at decumentation and learning by myself. That can work but for me I could only do so much before I got confuses or something wasn't clear. I did take some engineering classes but they were more on designing a physical product rather than software. Almost all of the code was just given out with basic understanding of how it worked. It was in python, a language that I work well with so at lease I could add some extra things to the program.

Something else I like to do is robotics but mosly on the electrical or programming side. If someone asked me to make a part or put something together then I would struggle. I am on the NSCC Cryptic Cyborgs FIRST Robotics team. Currently we use labview but it would be nice to switch to something else.

I also have a small music hobby. I play drums in my schools band and make some tracks on my computer digitally. I can also do some sound design but I'm still learning.