I'm Jack, and I like computers.


I like to see how things work, and learning how to make them work myself. Another thing that I find myself interested in is philosophy and literature. Reading and writing about how the world could theoretically operate is very intruiging to me, and I find myself eager to learn about hypothetical situations that one could find theirself in, and how they would get out. I also like playing video games in my spare time, and on occasion, I will draw. I am also in marching band for my home school. I enjoy music, and I have for the longest time. (Since the second grade, I do believe.) Despite all these hobbies, I like computers the best.


Aside from the things I do enjoy, there are things that I have a strong distaste for. I do not like problems that I cannot work out by myself. In fact, I am quite hesitant to accept help from others, as I think that they cannot execute the same tasks that I can with the same level of expertise or proficiency. I also dislike Italian food. There are many Italian food products that I could go on about my repulsion for, but spaghetti is the main one. I don't know whose idea it was to combine noodles and tomato sauce, but they should've kept that one to themself. Trying to eat it makes me gag. I do not like spaghetti.


Four County happens to be the 3rd school I've gone to in the past three years. This is because I have lived in many different places throughout my life. My father was part of the Air Force, until his retirement last year. This caused my family to move several different places throughout my life. We've lived in seven different places, and have visited many more. Many things about me and my life have changed over the years, but my love for computers and video games remain a constant.

Video Games

Like most people in this lab, I enjoy playing video games. And since I did not get to talk about my favorite games on the first day, I'm going to list some of my favorites here, in no particular order:

External Sites

One of the main resources I utilize daily is Mr. Geiger's website.
My Github page is where you can find a lot of the things I make in my programming class.

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