Trent's Web Page


My family is a complicated story,
when i was just a baby my dad left me and my mom. Then my grandma took care of me for about 5 years. Afterwards I lived with my mom for a few years. Now I live with my grandma, and im also much happier. And my grades also improved because of that.

General Info About Myself.

My full name is

Trent Alaric Aparicio

but most people just call me Trent or Big T, depending on who you are. I have multiple hobbies but out of them my favorite is definitely building legos. I have several disablities but they don't hold me back from the things I want to accomplish. I have two favorite colors, blue and green, I am six foot and two inches tall, and I am sixteen years old.

School and other stuff.

Mr Geigers website

My home school is Liberty Center and I was there ever since fourth grade. My original school though is Delta, I quit because as "therapy" they locked me in a room. At Liberty I actually met my first REAL friend, Louis Colins. Ever since we first met we've been best buds, me and him are like glue. A while after i got into freshman year I got myself another REAL friend, his name is Logun Howard.


My favorite video game of all time is Minecraft, Minecraft is an open world sandbox type game. My favorite food I would say would be Cheeseburgers. My favorite movie woul probaly be Wall-E. And last but cetrtainly not least, my favorite colors are blue and green.

The deal with LEGO©

My obsession with legos all began when I was four, back then I played with duplos. As I grew older I developed a more fond expression towards legos. As of now it's a regular thing for me to build legos, and I usually build them once every week. From then I started getting better and building more complex lego structures.