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About Me

   I was born and raised in NW Ohio and has lived here most of my life so far. I like to read quit often, and space out thinking about how I'd of taken the book in different directions or further a thing the characters had done.
I only ever went to Bryan based schools until now. I don't really have many friends do to the way I see a friendship as more of an aquintance. Altough not really a color my favorit color is black. I didn't like reading when I was young cause books would fall into three catagouries.
1.They were all non-fiction books.
2.They were books that were to childish for me to really get into.
3.They were all fictional slic of life type books like Dirary of the Wimmppy Kid or they were to big for me to read. Eventualy I found a book seires that I liked and found others like it, thus starting my like of books.


   I live with my Mother and younger brother aswel as my older half-brother. My grandma lives by Johz donuts on the outskirts in Bryan. I have an uncle who is three from my mom's side of the family. As for my dads side I don't really know anyone. Altough I have a lot of cousins almost all of them arn't my age, and there mostly all girls. My family is massive and is overwhelmingly fustrating at times, but I've gotten pass that. One time We went and visted my dad's side of the family.


   I like some games like Nazi Zombies in COD 3 and 4 or multiplayer. I like to do some puzzles and simple DIYs. I also like to play some YU-GI-OH duels. Drawing is another thing I like to do. Not often but I do put in some time when I have it. Building is another thing that I enjoy doing, as you can be proud of what you just built. Playing cards is also a good hobby I do. I also like to lay down on my bed and read for a while.

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