Nick's Page


Nick's family is his mother Daphne Julian and his father Robert Jenkins and his 2 brothers Zack and Brady. Nick grew up with his mother and has lived his whole life with her while staying the night sometimes with his father. his cosuins own a farm and have even taken him out hunting a little bit. Nick's favorite brother is brady since he set him on the path of learning more about coding and told him to take I.T Academy at Four County


Nicks hobbies are Weight Lifting and playing baseball along with gaming. He played baseball when he was younger and since he has found it to be the most entertaing sport to watch in his opinion. Nick took a year and a half of Weight Lifiting at Bryan and on his final semester tryed his hardest to achive his goal of benching 140 and he achived it. Gaming is one of his favorite things to do at home and really enjoys playing them with some freinds he made online. A few music artist that he enjoys are


Nick enjoys hanging out with his friends and even his cousins on their farm. He has a playlist of liked songs on spotify with almost 400 songs on it. Growing up he enjoyed watching movies and really enjoy movies like Cast Away or the Marvel movies. Nick was in Esports in his old school and played Rocket League for 2 years before going to Four County. Nick loves to swim and enjoys going to lakes or pools and swimming during the summer. Nick hopes to graduate and get a job in a company and work in the I.T department