this will be all about Pierson Newland

the things i like to do in my free time

I like to play video games and watch anime. like to staying in my room and hanging out with my girlfriend alot. ireally like to color when i get to and i like to go swimming. I also like to play pool, and i like listen to diffrent types of music,i have 1 dog and i have two half bothers. those are all the drinks and food i like. i get what put on the list when ever i go to the store. I also like staining in my room alot so i can get away from some people. now that i got a girlfriend i learnd to like the out side a lot more then i use to. i also like to do tik tok

my favorite website in school is mrgeiger

my favorite website out side of school is coolmath.

  1. mountain dew
  2. monster energy
  3. rock star energy
  4. takis
  5. toco bell
  6. pizza
  7. snickers

a little more about me is that i love cats, dogs and rabbits. i also like to eat and drink a lot. and i like to go swimming and i really would like to go sky diving and ziplining one day. i also like helping with my girlfriend's rabbits. i like going on late night drives.

Cod score

cod pic