Botco. Facility Lore


After the succession of many years on top of the market the very famous company, Botco., was losing its creative spark, along with its popularity. Engineers of the facility put their heads together and made a machine that didn't need creativity, they called it A-001. It would use modern media to see what was popular and make a new product based off of what the people wanted. However, such a high tech machine was never created before and with its first 20 tests, was deemed a failure, all of which almost instantly resulted in a blackout of the entire factory, causing it to lose power for 3 days with each test. A bit of time past and an employee had found something in the woods that was emitting incredible power, a small, half yellow, half gray stone that seemed to be slightly glowing. They made a new model, A-002, equipped with a spot to insert the power source. The first test didn't result in a blackout, but instead resulted in hostile robots that either killed or scared away all of the facility's workers. After all survivors had vacated the establishment, the factory got up, WALKED away, and was never seen again.

You, as the player, are set on finding all 9 of the Fragments of myth, made from the celestials themselves. The Celestials created a diamond long ago, infused with each of their powers to manipulate and store elements as energy. However, their creation ultimately led to their demise. They had to destroy it when one of them was consumed by greed, but the diamond was protected by a spell that caused a blast with the power of the force to harm it times 10. It shattered into fragments, releasing all of the energy stored inside it. This energy created to planet that the plyer lives on. The fragments were caught by the gravitational pull of the planet and fell down to the surface. Luck would have it that 2 of the fragments did not separate and are being used as a power source for a big robot. Who knew?