Kai's Dumb Web Page

Kai was born in Bryan Ohio and raised in Wauseon Ohio.They have lived here most of their life except for their time in Bryan. They are a part of the LGBTQ+ Community identifying as Lesbian, Gender Queer, and Polyamourous. They have a series of mental issues including ADD, ODD, and ADHD. They have a lot they don't want to talk about so if they aren't comfortable with sharing something, you should respect that. They are quite shy and typically keep to themselves. That doesn't mean they don't socialize cause' they do. They also don't like people looking at their arms due to personal issues.

Their StepMom works as an optician at the Walmart Vision Center during the day. As for their Dad, he works as a warehouse worker on night shift. Their brother is an adorable 8-year old blonde boy who seems sweet but is a litteral hurricane. Meanwhile their sibling Luna just sits in their room watching youtube/youtube shorts or writing/pacing around their room. As for Kai, They spend their time either eating, sleeping, doing chores, or playing video games. We'll talk more about them in the next sections.