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I was born and raised in northwest ohio and lived around Napoleon and mcclure for most of my life ive only been out of ohio a handful amount of times.


I don't have much family on my dads side because he came from alaska and not that many people of our family came with him to ohio but I do have a largish amount of family on my moms side because she grew up in ohio also my grandma has a house that they all like to linger around just chilling. Its a nice big house in the county so alot of people can be there at a time but sometimes it feels like a ghost town.


I don't have much hobbies I like to play football from time to time I used to have two friends that I played with on a daily but I had to move and also it doen't help one time I was playing reciver I got pinned and spraned my leg. I also like baseball. Baseball has always been close to my heart becasue that was the only thing i would really play when I was young. my uncles would allways try to take the lether off of the ball whenever someone would pitch it to him.

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