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My name is Alexander James Douglas.

I have 5 direct familiy memebers

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Overview + Twitch streaming

I have 3 main hobbys, I play Soccer and Bowling, I also stream on twitch 4 days a week.I play Soccer in season about an average of 6 days a week and for right now Bowling is out of season. My twitch User name is Bugcreper I know no one that views this will go there but, I figure it is nice info. I am a Vtuber and I am still working towards getting affiliate (dispite having over 100 followers).

Sports that I have played

When I play Soccer I prefer to be right back or defender pending on your termonalogy. I haven't Bowled that much since the last season due to not having the time or money for it. My highest score ever for bowling was somthing like a 218 if I remember right. I haven't gotten varsity on either of my sports but I have gotten really close for bowling

The backstory on why I like Programming

The main reason I got into coding was from my dad showing me linux a long time ago, and after that I became really intreasted in all things computer and when I was watching random programmers on youtube and heard them talk about how AI and game design was all in there I had decided the computer programming was what I had wanted to do, I just had to find a way to do it. I had tried books and online classes and even some unspecific networking classes none of that worked for me, I wanted to do programming . The only class I had tickled this bone was a robotics class I did in bryan, it was fun but the teacher wasn't that great at keeping people on track.

You can also go check out my teachers page, Mr. Geiger

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