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This is a Golden Retriever


I was born in Wauseon and moved around a little bit. For the first couple years I lived in Wauseon, when I was about 5 we moved to West Unity and I want to Hilltop for elemenatry and middle school. While living in West Unity I got a dog named Sampson and he was a Golden Retriever, when we moved we couldn't take him with us so he stayed with Lexi at the house. My favorite memmories of West Unity was halloween because the fourth grade science and math teacher gave out full sized candy bars. I also really liked parks and rec, which was a summer program done with the rec center and we would play games hagnout and have snacks for a couple hours and the park. After 6th grade we moved to defiance for one year and I did pretty good that year in school. While in defiance I made a friend and we would hangout in the gravyard across from her house. After that we moved back to Wauseon in 8th grade but in 10th grade I applyed for Four County Career Center and got accepted for Computer Programming and Game Design.


A few of my favorite things are drawing, reading, writing, listening to music, playing games, and watching shows. I draw a lot of different things and read a few different types of books and read almost every chance I get when not doing anything else. I write short stories that I get from writing promts, there are a lot of different writing promts that can be found. I like to listen to music when I can and if I can't have a show in the background I put on music that I know because the background noise helps cancel out the little noises that can be heard. The games I like to play are Minecraft and The Sims 4, Minecraft is a sandbox game with survival and creative where you can do almost anything, The Sims 4 is a life simulation game. My favorite shows are Crimminal Minds, NCIS and Voltron. Crimminal Minds is about catching killers and making sure that they get the right guy. NCIS is about a Navel Crimminal Investagtive Service that catches killers that kill military personnel. Voltron is a show where a group of people go into space after finding something from space and end up stuck while needing to fight an alien race that is trying to take over everything that he can.

Family and Friends

Wrigley is our Golden Retriever and he will be 7 this year, he doesn't like to be alone and if you leave him alone or he thinks that he is alone, he will start whimpering he als owon't eat his food. Wynstyn Chili was found behind the Wendy's in Wauseon, he was a the Humane Shelter with is brothers and sisters, he is super cute and meows a lot with a lot of other noises. Raine was found in a shed as a kitten when we got her and she bats at Wrigley and Wynstyn with her paw, she also lets you know when she is hungry by meowing and not leaving you alone.

Remington is 2 years younger than me, and he is in 9th grade this year. He likes to hang out with his friend, they both play games, watch shows, and play outside. My mom works from home as a cancer resgister and makes sure that we have what we need when we don't have a lot of money for things that we want. She also tries to make sure that we are able to have fun and get our responsibilities done so we can do things without needing her when we move out. Sonia and I became friends after another introduced us, Sonia works at Dairy Queen in archbold and we are pretty good friends. Elias, also known as Eli, is homeschooled and works with Sonia and they invite me to skate at the Wauseon Rollercade with them. It's fun hanging out with them, I talk more and overall I am more outgoing.


A few things that I am intersted in are drawing, writing, reading and outer space. My Favorite things to draw are landscapes, everyday items and poses. I also draw scenes and charaters from stories that I write. My favorite genre of books to read are mystery, horror, and fantasy. My favorite books are Wolf, Slenderman, A Good Girls Guide to Murder. Outer space is really pretty, learning about different things in space is really cool and interesting. Black holes are intersting beaucse they are so cold, and when the is one it just looks like there is nothing there because it is true black. Stars are cool because are everywhere in outer space the bigger they are the more likely they are to explode. The smaller ones are called Dwarf Stars, they are usually to small for a solar system to form around but they are also younger Stars too. When a star is blue it is hotter than it would be if it was red. Others solar systems are neat because they form around stars that have a srtong enough gravitational pull that the astroids spin around the Star and that ends up becoming a solar system, because they can't pull away from the Star.

I really like playing unpuzzle on cool math games. There are a couple different unpuzzle games that can be played after completeing the levels.

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