All About Me

Why Am I Here?

I chose to take this class because in my family, I'm the one that my grandma always tends to turn to when she needs help with anything dealing with her phone, and I'm the only one that my aunt turns to when she needs help with things like Google Spreadsheets. I hope to one day become a computer programmer or a game designer so that I can help others get the games they desperately want or help people with their technological issues. If this class at Four County Career Center goes well for me, I plan to further my education at Northwest State Community College, which is right down the road.


As I've already mentioned in my bio, I have two siblings, and they are both younger than me. My sister's name is Sydney Noaker, and she is eight years old. My brother is Logan Noaker, and he is four years old. My parents live together, and their names are Jason and Mara Noaker. My father is thirty-four years old, and my mother is thirty-three. My father works for Defiance Stamping on a third-shift schedule, working Sunday nights to Thursday nights. My mother works as the secretary for St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Liberty Center on a first-shift schedule, working Monday through Friday from nine o'clock in the morning to three o'clock in the afternoon.

Travel & Schooling

I've moved a lot of times in my sixteen years of life. When I was first born, I lived with my mom at her mom's house and my father was unable to be with me for unspoken reasons. After my father pulled through the unspoken reason, we moved to live with him at his parent's house. We then got the money to rent an apartment, and did so in Napoleon, and there we lived for a good chunk of my life. Then, two years ago in May 2020, our landlord, Tom Oberhaus, informed us that he had sold the apartment to his son, who was not going to be accepting any rent, and that he himself was going to live in it, forcing us to pack our things and move back to my dad's family home, but soon - as in the start of next year - we should be good to move into a trailer that we had recently bought and renovated.

as far as schooling goes, I've been to eight schools, one of which was old and knocked down, and another of which got turned from a school into a Cultural Center. Those 8 schools are:

  1. Delta Head Start
  2. Liberty Center Elementary
  3. West Elementary
  4. C.D. Brillhart
  5. Central Elementary
  6. Napoleon Elementary
  7. Naploen Jr/Sr High School
  8. Four County Career Center

Now, for the different states I've been too, that's a bit less numerous, as other than Ohio - obviously - I've only traveled to two other states. Those were:

Top 5 Favorite Racing Games

Now, I've already shared in my bio that one of my hobbies is Playing Video Games, but the video games I like the most are racing games. So, throw me a Foroza, Mario Kart or Sonic Racing game and I would play for hours on end. If I were asked to rank my top 5 favorite games, I'm obviously going to be biased towards Mario Kart as that was the first racing series I ever played. Anyway, here would be my rankings:

  1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  2. Mario Kart Wii
  3. Mario Kart 7
  4. Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing
  5. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed


I've told you a lot about myself, but here's just some more tidbits of who I am as a person:

My School Schedule

Zaine Pittman's School Schedule
Period Class Room # Teacher
1 Computer Programming/Game Design B211 Mr. Geiger, M.
5 Spanish III C104 Mrs. Zetter, A.
6 Lunch 6 CAFE FCCC Staff
7 Intro to Physics B104 Mr. Steyer, D.
8 Algebra II A102 Ms. Fry, R.
9 English 11 C109 Mr. Bostater, K.