About Me: I am 17 when I am making this and I have a job that I love because it is an easy one. I am a nice person in general, I don't like when people make me mad beacuse I hat getting mad. I also don't like getting sad because I am generaly a nice person. I love to play video games when I have time and I play alot of Video games when I have a chance to play. I also like to watch anime when I have free time and I like to watch alot of anime. I alos like to go swimming in the summer time when I have a chance to. I also like to draw in my free time. another thing I like is energy drinks and just drinks in general. one more thing is that I like food and I like to eat alot of junk food.
My Favorite Drinks
  1. mountain dew
  2. chocolate milk
  3. coffie
  4. milkshakes
  5. strawberry milk
My Favorite Energy Drinks
  1. monster energy
  2. rock Star Energy
  3. bang energy
  4. game fuel
My Favorite Snaks
    chips candy ice cream little debbie turtle brownies ice cream cones
cod pic Cod pic
Course Name Course Number Credits
Database Management CIT109 4
C# Programming CIT161 4
Java Programming CIT165 4
Python Programming EET107 3
Internet Scripting CIT 4
Computer Operations CIT108 3
Optional Courses
Microsoft Apps CIT114 3
CCP Math Elective 3
Composition 1 ENG111 3