Marcus Jones Jr.'s Web Page


About Me

I, Marcus Jones Jr., was born in Central Michigan on February 4th of 2007. I lived in Michigan for the majority of my life until my family moved down to Northwest Ohio to live closer to my grandparents. I have lived in Defiance Ohio for over 5 years now, attending Tinora Middle School and High School. My junior year, I transferred to Four County Career Center to pursue my interest in computer programming and get a headstart on college.


  • Attain a degree in computer programming
  • Get a job that involves programming
  • Purchase my own home/property
I plan to attain an associate's degree in computer programming from Northwest State Community College after graduating from Four County. Jobs in information and technology have a high salary average and so far I really enjoy everything about programming that I have learned at Four County so I would be quite excited to get any job that uses my degree. I would like to own a house because I have never lived on non-rented property and I think it would be nice to have a place to stay that is truly my own.