Lukas Pribe's Web Page


About Me

I was born on August, 4th 2006 in Toledo. I lived in Metamora and went to Evergreen Elementary School until 5th grade. I moved to Delta in 6th grade and have lived there since. I'm the second child of my parents who have four kids. We have a pet dog named Kahmari. I like to keep my room organized in a way were I know were everything is but it might look messy to everyone else. I have a PS5, a Nintendo switch, a TV, and a laptop. I used to also be in band at Delta before I came to Four County.

Things I do in my free time

In my free time I like to sort my Pokémon cards and my games. I also like to clean my closet and my room when I'm bored. Sometimes, when I go into my closet I take everything of the shelves just so I have something to do. I only clean and sort my things if I'm bored. Usually, I'm playing a game of some sort whether it be a game on my phone or other electronics or a board game like chess or backgammon. If I don't want to do either of those then I would normally go ride my bike but it is currrently broken.


My family consists of six people and one animal. My mom works third shift as a nurse in the ER and gets home around 7-8 AM and leaves for work at 5:30 PM. My dad is a manager at UniFirst and gets home around 6-7 PM and leaves for work at 5 AM. My older brother just recently started working with my dad at unifirst and he gets home and leaves around the same time as my dad. My little brother stays home all day except on tuesdays and fridays when he goes to pre-school. My sister leaves the house at 7:20 AM to go to school at Pike-Delta-York Middle School and gets home around 3:10 PM. I leave for school at 7:25 AM and get home at 4:05 PM. My dog is a black and white pit-bull and she barks at everything.