In the Lab

Throughout the first semester I have learned that Java and I do not get along well. During the First semester however, I did learned many things about web development, game design with greenfoot, learning how to use Microsoft SQL and a bit of Java with the Netbeans application. Now during the second semester I am learning on how to program with C#, how to use Visual Studio which allows us to create applications and to write code, and how to use git, which is a application that allows us to use a repository witch is a file in the local drive and push it online to the Gitub site.


What I like to do during my free time is to read, write, draw, sometimes go on Facebook, sleep, watch Youtube, and play video games. Sometimes during the summer we go on vacation, and we plan our vacations near the endof summer break. Also one thing that I like to do is to build small things similar to legos, or U Gears.

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