Something feels like magic, and it's certainly not a good sign. The Wizard's grand apperance as the first new additional member to the zombie team came as a surprise to many, but he manages to prove his value through powerful spells of all kinds. Invincibility, AOE damage, tracking balls of magical energy, you name it, he probably has a spell for it (even if he doesn't use all of them).

Primary: Orbacadorbra

As Wizard's primary spell of choice, Orbacadorbra attacks in two ways. Under normal circumstances, it fires off a single bolt of magic which deals 19-20 damage. By charging the spell however, it transforms the magic blast into a massive orb which bounces around the area and rapidly deals 4 damage to plants too close to the sphere of destruction at the cost of additional ammo drain.

Ability 1: Zeelixir

After months cooped up in his tower, Wizard has finally created a potion of immortality: the Zeelixir! The only downside is... it only lasts 1.25 seconds. In all seriousness, while that time may seen miniscule, that second of invincibility allows zombies to survive countless leathal explosions and hazards that would have spelt doom for them without it. As an alternative use to the potion is to throw it onto plants to prevent them from jumping or sprinting for 2 seconds. The Zeelixir even forces Rose out of her invincible Arcane Enigma state!

Spell Disaster
Ability 2: Spell Disaster

With all the time Wizard's spent creating spells and potions, there's bound to be a few failures. However, with the Spell Disaster, a happy accident is all it takes for an attack such as this to ravage the plant team. After slamming his staff into the ground, Wizard creates 6 slow-moving orbs which deal 80 damage each! They even have slight tracking capabilities to aid in reaching their mark. During the casting animation, Wizard is left completely open to attack while the orbs themselves don't travel very far and can be outrun by a watchful plant. A decent strategy is to use the Zeelixir to grant invincibility before activating the Spell Disaster for a higher chance of the spell going off without a hitch.

Ability 3: Co-Star

Sometimes, a zombie just needs a little support, or maybe Wizard just wanted to rest his feet. Regardless, Co-Star allows this magical zombie to stransform himself into a floating orb that attaches itself to another zombie. While in this state, he grants armor to the host, keeps access to his other abilities, and gains the rapid fire Shooting Star attack which deals 3-10 damage depending on if the Starz Align buff has been activated. Starz Align occurs when the Wizard is facing the same direction as the host as indicated by a small line of sparkles. Doing this also increases your rate of fire. If there are other zombies nearby, Wizard can change hosts without leaving Co-Star mode. There is a time limit to how long Wizard can stay linked to the host before getting forced out of the spell. If this happens, Wizard will be stunned for a moment and open to attack, so knowing when to return to normal is crutial.