Wildflower and TV Head

Wildflower Tv Head

An unasuming foe is possibly the most deadly one. None exemplify this better than the two new swarm classes: Wildflower and TV Head. These two basic soldiers of the battlefield rely on blending in with a crowd to catch unsuspecting opponents looking for easy vanquishes off guard. Strength in numbers is the name of the game here with stacking defensive buffs of up to 60% for each nearby swarm class character to help create an unbeatable wave of pain. Sometimes, basic really isn't so bad after all.

Primary: Stinging Petal/Unkind Rewind

The Stinging Petal and Unkind Rewind are identical in stats, dealing 11-13 damage a hit and firing at a decently fast rate. They're overall reliable weapons for mid-range combat and have no real flaws to speak of. You don't always need to be flashy to contribute to the team.

Melee: Flower Chop/Snack Attack

Sometimes, all you need to win a fight is a good left hook to the face! Exclusive to swarm class characters is a 50 damage melee attack. This makes for an incredibly useful way of dealing burst damage or finishing off a foe provided you can get in close enough.

Ability 1: Wild Life/Commercial Break

It's always a pain to get so far into enemy lines just to be vanquished out of nowhere by a surprise attacker and sent all the way back to spawn. Wildflower and TV Head took note of this and utilize what might as well be a map editor to set their spawn point with either a flower pot or bucket. This is an incredibly useful tool which can allow for both sneaky plays behind defenses and cut down on time wasted running back to where you died. The spawn point you set is only good for one use however and can be destroyed if an enemy stumbles upon it, so carelessly placing one out in the open is not recommended.

Weed Out Yeti-Set-Go!
Ability 2: Weed Out/Yeti-Set-Go!

Like Cactus and Captain Deadbeard, these two soldiers have some summonable friends to aid them during battle. However, these friends are a bit more... volatile than the drones. Weed Out and Yeti-Set-Go spawn in a dandelion and Yeti Imp respecitively which both act as remote-controlled bombs. While controlling them, you have manual control over when they detonate for a whopping 110 damage! However, these dangerous friends are rather fragile and will self destruct for no damage if you wait too long.

Bloom Boom/Overheated Dinner
Ability 3: Bloom Boom/Overheated Dinner

A little extra explosive power never hurt anyone, right? Well, Boom Boom and Overheated Dinner allow for players to launch a lobbed projectile which deals 40-75 damage and explodes with high knockback. While not a reliable tool for taking out other players directly, it excels in disrupting enemy movement and can sometimes even push them off of cliffs for some cheeky environmental vanquishes. The Overheated Dinner in particular has an added benefit of lingering on the ground for a second before detonating, allowing it to act as a pseudo-mine with proper timing.