Super Brainz

Super Brainz

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Super Brainz! This brain-based superhero is a close-range brawler with a lot of tools to get in to his prefered range. Whether it's through blocking damage through the Alpha Better Shield or leaping in with the Hyper Jump Thump, Super Brainz is more than ready to handle any threat, regardless of non-heroic he can be sometimes.

Primary: Heroic Fists/Ultra Flying Fist

Super Brainz requires no weapons to deal damage as long as his Heroic Fists are swinging! His primary weapon is a 3-hit punch combo which deals 30, 35, and 42 damage respectively. If the fire button is held down, Super Brainz can charge an Ultra Flying Fist to act as a ranged fist-shaped projectile that deals 22-71 damage depending on how long it was charged.

Secondary: Alpha Better Shield

Instead of aiming, Super Brainz can form the Alpha Better Shield to block up to 160 damage. While the shield is deployed, he gains a slightly faster movement spee, allowing him to protect his fellow zombies during a charge.

Legendary Upgrade: Brainium Basher 9001

When Super Brainz heard the phrase "use your head", this probably wasn't what they meant. Instead of simply punching the living daylights out of the plants, the Brainium Basher 9001 allows Super Brainz to charge up and unleash a destructive headbutt which deals anywhere from 40-125 damage! He also gains a 40 damage uppercut-like attack which knocks plants into the air. Overall, Super Brainz becomes much more offensive with this legendary upgrade, but loses out on ranged attacks and defense.

Turbo Twister
Ability 1: Turbo Twister

The Turbo Twister turns Super Brainz into a chaotic twister which has the strength inside-out. Every time he hits a plant while spinning, he deals 16 damage which can lead to a whopping 144 damage if all hits connect. This move also let's Super Brainz attack from all directions, making it a useful crowd control tool.

Hyper Jump Thump
Ability 2: Hyper Jump Thump

Super Brainz has been working on his heroic jumps as of late, and the Hyper Jump Thump manages to combine style and power in a grand way. When used, Super Brainz leaps high into the sky before crashing back down with a force so powerful that it somehow manages to pull plants in towards him. While the explosion itself only deals 40 damage, it puts Super Brainz in a position to follow up with either his primary weapon or other abilities.

Super Ultra Ball
Ability 3: Super Ultra Ball

The Super Ultra Ball is the ultimate plant-stopping projectile. Dealing a whopping 100 damage on direct hit and decent splash damage, this fireball can easily take down the strongest of foes. With the Scorched upgrade, the place where the Super Ultra Ball explodes leaves behind a lingering flame which can damage plants who are close to it.