When you look up team player in the dictionary, chances are there's a picture of Sunflower (and if there isn't, there should be). She is practically the lifeblood of the plant team through her healing abilities and quick revival times. No battle is truly lost as long as Sunflower's around. Just make sure you keep her safe since a healer's job isn't all sunshine and rainbows. Stick close to them, because it's a guarantee they'll stick close to you.

Primary: Sun Pulse

Despite not being her primary job, Sunflower's Sun Pulse is surprisingly decent at keeping both you and your floral friends safe. With a semi-auto fire rate and 8-10 damage per shot, a good Sunflower can truly shine at the mid to long range when it comes to combat. With the Vampire Flower upgrade, you'll even be able to heal yourself just by dealing damage! With all this in mind, it's worth a gentle reminder that Sunflower's measly 100 health makes it so bulkier zombies can easily tank the damage and quickly put a damper on your sunny day. Due to this, Sun Pulse should be used more as a form of cover fire than a tool for vanquishes.

Sunny Side Up
Ability 1: Sunny Side Up

Should you ever find yourself or your teammates down in the dumps with zombies around every corner, allow Sunny Side Up to brighten up your day and your health bar. Sunflower can store up to 3 charges of sundrops to refresh multiple plants at once with. Perfect for a plant party in need of a pick me up not to long after breakfast.

Ability 2: Sunbeam

When the going gets tough and the zombie horde get's larger, cut them down to size with the power of the mighty Sunbeam! Like the Peashooter's Pea Gatling, you're rooted into the ground which prevents movement in exchange for high DPS. While the base damage per shot is slightly reduced to 7-9 damage, Sunbeam's constant stream allows a player to rack up damage much faster than with the standard Sun Pulse. Never underestimate good old-fashioned solar power!

Heal Beam
Ability 3: Healbeam

The Healbeam is truly what earns Sunflower her title as the plant team's top-tier support. Just one click of the Healbeam button and presto! With absolutely no strings attached (Unless you consider a condensed beam of healing light as a string), any ally can be restored back to full health in a matter of seconds! Any plant healed for long enough can even have their health temporarily extended with overhealth for even greater survivability! However, keep in mind that concentrated fire can easily overwelm both you and your heal target. Spreading those heals out among multiple targets quickly is the key to success with Sunflower.