Space Cadet

Space Cadet

Arriving down from the outer limits of space to aid in the takeover of Neighborville, Space Cadet is armed with out-of-this-world weaponry to take on the plants (at least, he think's he's from outerspace). While relatively average on his own, once transformed into the massive Space Station, it's unfathomable the kind of damage that can be done once it gets going. Throw in some additional Space Cadet freinds for added shields and homing missiles, and this interstellar zombie crew beomes near unstoppable.

Primary: Cosmic Shot

The Cosmic Shot is your fairly standard laser gun. It deals a solid 6-7 damage per shot and has slight tracking properties to making aiming that much more simple. Every space enthusist worth their salt needs to have a trusty laser gun by their side, right?

Space Station Primary: Big Bang Barrage

The Space Station uses an alternate version of the Big Bang Beam known as the Big Bang Barrage. This laser cannon fires in 3-round bursts that deal 11-13 damage a shot. It has a a decent fire rate and can be coupled with double jumps to make it much harder to pedict.

Gravity Smash
Ability 1: Gravity Smash

What comes up must come down thanks to the Graviy Smash! For around 3 seconds, Space Cadet is able to hover freely above the ground before crashing back down to earth for an inpressive 125 damage! While hovering, you leave a bright purple circle on the ground showing where you will land, giving both you and your opponent to plan accordingly.

Station Inflation
Ability 2: Station Inflation

When a bit more defense is needed, transform into the powerful Space Station! You are left open while transforming, but it is reatively shorter when compared to other transformations. Once in control of the Space Station, other Space Cadets can attach themselves to you for increased firepower and survivability. After all, being alone on a Space Station with no one to blast plants with must get pretty lonely.

Big Bang Beam
Ability 3: Big Bang Beam

By overcharging the Cosmo Shot, Space Cadet can fire off a percise Big Bang Beam to deal 100 damage to the plant it hits. It takes a few seconds to start up and the shot itself doesn't give much room for error. The Big Bang Beam finds the most use in sniping off targets from afar over direct combat.

Crater Maker
Ability 1: Crater Maker

Why go to the moon to see craters when you can just make one yourself? Thanks to the power of the Crater Maker and its mighty laser, the Space Station can turn any plant into a soldering hole in the ground. For 3-4 seconds, this behemoth of an attack rapidly deals anywhere from 6-25 damage to any plant standing underneath the Space Station based on how close they are to the center of the beam. Remember that when you use this ability and raise yourself into the air, you become a major target to any plants not in walking distance of your destructive power.

Escape Pod
Ability 2: Escape Pod

Mission failed? No problem. Just hit that tiny red button and eject out of the Space Station using an Escape Pod. While not the most ideal thing to do, it's better than letting you or your team of fellow Space Cadets get torn to shreds by an attack since if the main Space Station goes down, so does everyone connected to it!

Space Force
Ability 3: Space Force

For the times where you or your fellow cadets run low on energy, allow Space Force to increase the fire rate and lower the cooldown times of abilities for all zombies connected to the Space Station. This allows for aggressive pushes and lets those connected to you raise their defensive shields up faster after they shatter. Quite frankly, there's no reason not to take advantage of or question space and its mysterious powers.