Once a simple potted plant, Snapdragon has graduated to a firery front line fighter with loads of tools to burn zombies to a crisp. This flaming newcomer is all about controlling space with his fire attacks and dealing as much damage as possible up close. Fighting fire with fire isn't always such a bad idea with Snapdragon around.

Primary: Flame Blower

No fire-based fighter is complete without a flamethrower, and Snapdragon's Flame Blower fills that need quite well. For up to 8 seconds, Snapdragon will unleash a steady stream of fire from his mouth, dealing 6-7 damage continously for as long as a zombie is caught in the flames. Targets caught in the Flame Blower's range will be set on fire for additional afterburn damage.

Primary: Flare Ball

When a little extra range is needed, the Flare Ball is you're go-to long range weapon. Dealing 29-34 damage per shot, these explosive lobbed balls of fire are sure to make any zombie flee from the flames.

Swoop Slam
Ability 1: Swoop Slam

The wings aren't just for show, ya' know. Snapdragon flies up into the air before crashing down upon zombies for 55-109 damage! In addition to it's use as a damage tool, Snapdragon can use the Swoop Slam to cross gaps just a bit too wide for a standard jump.

Blue Blazes
Ability 2: Blue Blazes

If you're looking for something a bit more "heat seeking", then Blue Blazes might be for you. It's a 100 damage shot that locks on and targets any zombie it's fired at. Do be aware that the projectile speed is rather slow and an enemy can easily outrun it. Blue Blazes best works as a distraction to throw out while you engage with an enemy to keep them on their toes.

Blazing Trail
Ability 3: Blazing Trail

Trail blazing is old news. Blazing Trail creates a wall of fire that lingers for 5 seconds and rapidly deals 5 damage to any zombie bold enought to step through it. While not the greatest at finishing zombies, it works really well as an area denial tool and can block off escape routes that they might think to use.