Despite a zombie's main goal being to eat brains, Scientist relies on his smarts and gadgets to gain the upperhand in a fight. He's the zombie team's healer who keeps his team in the fight through his Sticky Healy Thing and Healing Hose. When in a pinch, Scientist is far from defenseless with warp technology for tricky movement and the Steam Blaster; a legendary upgrade which makes him extremely dangerous up close.

Primary: Goo Blaster

The Goo Blaster acts as a bit of a shotgun of sorts. The spread is very wide and while multiple shots come out, each one only does about 2-3 damage individualy. If they all hit however, that blast can deal up to 33-39 damage.

Legendary Upgrade: Steam Blaster

The power of the Steam Blaster is not one to be taken lightly. While the range is very short, the steam cloud it leaves behind with each shot rapidly deals 10-13 damage as long as the opponent is within the steam! Due to how the Steam Blaster's shots linger in the air, this makes the weapon excellent as a crowd control device and a tool to lock down choke points.

Sticky Healy Thing
Ability 1: Sticky Healy Thing

Sceintist has decided to swap out his Sticky Explody Balls to something a bit more support-based. The Sticky Healy Thing (yes, that was the best name he could come up with after 2 weeks in the lab) is a device which creates an aura of healing for zombies that stand within it's radius. It can either be stuck to surfaces, other players, or even yourself to fit a situation at hand.

Ability 2: Warp

Out of all of Scientist's inventions, the Warp is one he won't be letting go of anytime soon. With the press of a button, the mad-genius can teleport a short distance in any direction to dodge enemy attacks, sneak past defenses, or get behind the backs of plants for surprise attacks.

Healing Hose
Ability 3: Healing Hose

After 4 other iterations of zombie-healing tech over the years, the Healing Hose is the newest to Scientist's list of strange healing methods. When used, the Healing Hose emits a strange purple substance which rapidly heals any zombie within it's range. Like the Sunflower's Heal Beam, it even provides overhealth for that extra bit of survivability!