All the way from medieval times, Rose has traveled to the present day to prevent a terrible future rampant with zombies. Rose is a powerful enchantress who uses her abilities to support the plant team with powerful spells that are sure to remind zombies that this rose isn't here just to smell sweet.

Primary: Magic Thistles

Rose's primary attack is the Magic Thistles she fires from her wand. Each thistle fired deals 12-15 damage each and possesses homing properties that lock onto an zombie in it's radius.

Legendary Upgrade: Thorn Apart

Unlike other legendary upgrades, Thorn Apart does not replace Rose's primary weapon. Instead, it provides her with a new secondary that charges the more she uses her abilities. Up to five charges can be stored before firing all of them at once for 20 damage each.

Ability 1: Jinx

Deciding to swap out one of her spells of slow down to a spell of debuffing zombies directly seems to have been one of Rose's best choices she's made in a while. Jinx forces any zombie it hits to suffer more damage from all sources, making it ideal to cast upon tankier classes such as All-Star or Super Brainz.

Arcane Enigma
Ability 2: Arcane Enigma

Just because Rose uses spells to affect others doesn't mean she has nothing to use on herself. The Arcane Enigma casts an aura around Rose which makes her completely invuldurable to damage while increasing her movement speed. The aura itself has an area of effect which can effect nearby plants as well. This makes the ability useful both for risky escapes or boosting your team to the fight faster.

Ability 3: Goatify

Rose's personal favorite spell of choice, Goatify transforms any zombie exposed to a defenseless goat. While a goat, zombies are unable to use abilities or fight back with anything except an unreliable headbutt. Goatify is great to throw down choke points to deny zombies entry.