As the plant team’s veteran attack class, Peashooter needs little to no introduction. He’s everything you want out of a front-line fighter with high base damage, splash damage for dealing with those pesky imps or enemies you just barely missed, great movement options for strafing and strategic placement, and powerful attack abilities that are sure to send any zombie packing.

Primary: Pea Cannon

What would a Peashooter be without the peas? His primary weapon, the Pea Cannon, is quite the monster when in the right hands. Boasting the ability to always crit on a direct hit for 34 damage would be good enough on its own, but couple that with 14 splash damage to any zombie unfortunate enough to be within the explosion radius, and there isn’t much that can stand in your way once you get going. However, all of this power had to be offset somehow, and that comes in the form of a rather sluggish fire rate. Splash damage will only get you so far in a fight, so make sure to make each of those shots count!

Chili Bean Bomb
Ability 1: Chili Bean Bomb

Have you ever found yourself swarmed with a large group of the fundead? If you answered yes, then allow the Chili Bean Bomb to clear out the clutter free of charge! Any zombie caught in this spicy friend's blast radius will suffer a whopping 125 damage, enough to either one shot a class or leave them at death's door. However, the radius itself is rather inconsistent with its appearance. If a zombie isn't close enough to the blast, that 125 damage turns into a measely 15. More often than not, it's much wiser to use the Chili Bean Bomb as an area denial tool than for actually getting kills. To get more distance, try getting a running start and jumping before throwing out the bomb.

Pea Gatling
Ability 2: Pea Gatling

Looking for a bit more firepower? If so, just root yourself into the ground and become a rapid-fire gatling gun with the power of Pea Gatling! While you lose out on splash damage, you gain 100 shots (each of which deal around 10 to 12 damage) to let loose on any unfortunate zombie in your line of sight. Of course, there is another, more significant downside. In return for your rapid-fire frenzy, you are left completely immobile and vulnerable to concentrated fire. This makes placement crutical to maximizing the effects of Pea Gatling. Luckily, if you find yourself rooted in a bad spot, simply unroot for a shorter cooldown on the ability depending on how much ammo you didn't shoot.

Pea Suped
Ability 3: Pea Suped

Move faster, shoot faster, and jump higher? It sounds almost too good to be true, right? Surely there must be some downside to all of this. Nope! For 8 seconds, Pea Suped will augment all of your abilities at no additional cost! Using this ability is perfect for gaining a terrain advantage over your opponent. Along with your increased jump height, you're also grannted the ability to hover in mid-air! With a bit of practice, a good Peashooter can become extremely unpredictable with their movement for confusing foes and turning zombies into actual pea soup.