Night Cap

Nightcap is a master of the shadows and ninja mushroom at that! Stealthy approaches and high mobility are what this nocturnal ninja is all about. Vanish into thin air and reapear in the blink of an eye before unleashing the mightiest mushroom martial art know to plantkind: Fung Fu! Stick with this feisty little ninja and you'll be able to sneak sneakier than anyone's ever snuck before!

Primary: Spore Strike

A ninja's array of sharp objects are usually their most reliable tools. Nightcap's Spore Strike launches wide piercing blades of dark energy which deal 18 damage per strike. Its fast rate of fire makes it useful for applying pressure and tearing down zombie shields set in your way. It also has low cooldown, allowing Nightcap to act out of an attack faster and combo into one of her abilities.

Casting Shadows
Ability 1: Casting Shadows

A ninja's element is always the dark of the night. Luckily, Casting Shadows provides Nightcap and her team with a portable dome of shadow energy to slip into during a fight. While inside the dome, all plants are invisible and zombies suffer from decreased accuracy and reduced speed. With the Corrode upgrade, zombies trapped in the dome will slow the enemies' ability refresh times and even begin to drain their ammo!

Fung Fu
Ability 2: Fung Fu

The pinical of mushroom martial mastery lies in the power of the deadly Fung Fu technique. When used, Nightcap rapidly strikes from all directions, dealing 6-8 damage per strike before finishing with a 24 damage slam attack. While attacking, your movement speed is drastically hindered, making it so positioning is key to maximizing the damage output.

Shadow Sneak
Ability 3: Shadow Sneak

Slip into the shadows and sneak in and out of combat with Shadow Sneak! During the ability's duration, Nightcap gains a 3 second speed boost which becomes crutial to daring escapes and infiltration schemes. Just keep in mind that you leave a small smoke cloud behind as you run. No ninja's perfect after all, not even Nightcap.