Kernel Corn

Kernel Corn

This buttery buddy is more than just lethal. If it's not the power of the mighty Cob Busters or legendary Shogun-Guard, Kernal Corn is bombarding you with explosive shuck shots and raining a barrage of kernels from above. If that's not enough, he can even mark zombies with the Butter Beacon to reveal their location to the entire team and gain increased damage on them!

Primary: Cob Busters

What's better than one Cob Buster? Two Cob Busters! Holding 52 shots that deal 5-6 damage per shot, these duel rapid-fire cobs are sure to ruin any zombie's day. It synergizes well with the Butter Beacon, providing extra damage to buttered-up targets.

Legendary Upgrade: Shogun-Guard

Swapping out the rapid-fire Cob Busters for semi-auto ones with half the clip size may seem daunting at a first glance, but the Shogun-Guard more than makes up for it with a higher base damage of 11-13 per shot and a shield that can be deployed when aiming down sights. The shield itself cover's the top of Kernel Corn, preventing zombies from landing critical hits on his head. It does only have 75 health though, so make sure to use it sparingly.

Butter Beacon
Ability 1: Butter Beacon

You've probably heard of buttering someone up, but Kernel Corn takes it just a bit too literally. The Butter Beacon creates an explosion of butter which coats the zombies in more butter. When marked, the zombie will have their position revealed to all plants and suffer more damage from Kernel Corns.

Husk Hop
Ability 2: Husk Hop

A jumping corn is a rare sight to behold, but also is a deadly one. Kernel Corn is able to leap up into the air and rain 50 explosive kernels down upon unlucky zombies which deal around 9 damage each. The jump direction itself can be controled to provide better mobility.

Shuck Shot
Ability 3: Shuck Shot

When ever Kernel Corn is in the mood for some popcorn, the Shuck Shot is his way to go. When used, the two cobs on his arms blast off and deal 55 damage each to any zombie it explodes upon. The charge up is slow before the launch however and you are also slowed down until they fire off, so make sure you won't get blown up yourself before you're popcorn is ready to pop.