This pint-sized menace hails from the distant future and decided to bring a few toys along with him. Thanks to the technology of the future, Imp is armed with Gravity Gernades to snare plants in, butt boosters for added mobility, and a massive Z-Mech to call upon to create a robotic rampage that is sure to wreck any plant's day. Size doesn't matter so long as this tiny terror is around with all of his deadly toys.

Primary: Imp Blasters

The Imp Blasters are two short-range rapid-fire pistols which only deal around 4-5 damage per laser, but fire extremely quickly. Combine the fast fire rate with Imp's double jump abilitiy to become an extremely annoying zombie to deal with.

Z-Mech Primary: Robo Laser

The Robo Laser can be seen as a direct upgrade to the Imp Blasters with an infinite ammo supply that deals 5-6 damage per shot. Like other similar weapons, it will overheat if used for too long.

Gravity Gernade
Ability 1: Gravity Gernade

Utilizing the crazy technology of the future, the Gravity Gernade ensnares plants in its range and lifts them off the ground! For 2.5 seconds, plants are at the mercy of the entire zombie team and their intense focus fire. The Gravity Gernade best works in a large group of plants to maximize its effectiveness.

Robo Call
Ability 2: Robo Call

When the going gets tough, get even tougher by summoning the massive Z-Mech. When you call down your robotic suit, remember that you are left completely open to attack. Make sure to find cover before you think about rampaging.

Ability 3: Impkata

When the Imp is surrounded with no where to run, he can set his butt boosters to overdrive and wildly spin while firing in every diretion imaginable. The damage gradually increases from 1-3 based upon how long the attack goes on for, and Imp gains a 25% dadmage reduction while spinning. It's not the greatest at finishing off opponents, but it can soften plants up for further attacks.

Missile Madness
Ability 1: Missile Madness

A robot suit wouldn't be complete without a random supply of missles to barrage the enemy with! Missile Madness lets loose 20 missiles, each of which deal 20 damage along with splash damage. It's simple, yet effective at applying pressure to large groups of plants.

Explosive Escape
Ability 2: Explosive Escape

When a plan goes down in flames, Imp can launch himself to safety before the Z-Mech self-destructs and deals 150 damage. It's worth using the Explosive Escape when you know a plant won't be able to get away from the Z-Mech fast enough and your health is too low to survive more damage. When you eject, try to throw down a Gravity Gernade to trap the plant you're fighting right next to their impending doom.

Bionic Bash
Ability 3: Bionic Bash

Are plants getting to close for comfort? Good thing you've got a mighty robot fist for punching with. When you smash the ground with Bionic Bash, any plant nearby will suffer 75 damage and get knocked away, making it a fantastic option to use when other abilities are on cooldown or when you need a bit of extra damage to finish someone off.