Foot Soldier

Foot Soldier

Out of all the zombies that have taken part in the siege for Neighborville over the years, none have been more dedicated to the cause than Foot Soldier. Equiped with his trusty Z-1 Assault Blaster, this veteran of the battlefield is versitile at any range and can provide cover to his team through Super Stink Clouds. When a high priority target gets in his sights, the devestating ZPG can take them out with ease.

Primary: Z-1 Assault Blaster

Don't let the scary look fool you, the Z-1 Assault Blaster is actually a paintball gun that fires up to 40 shots in a single clip, each dealing 6-7 damage per pellet. Its great at any range and doesn't have too many downsides to speak of (Well, aside from shooting paintballs instead of bullets).

Super Stink Cloud
Ability 1: Super Stink Cloud

The old Zombie Stink Cloud Foot Soldier has used for the past 8 years has finally been upgraded to the Super Stink Cloud for increased stink. When thrown, a dark purple cloud of... we're not entirely sure what is, expands and obsures whatever it lands on while dealing chip damage to plants trapped inside. It can even stick to other players! A new added perk of the Super Stink Cloud is that zombies can see through the murky cloud the ability produces, making for a great cover tool to help your team push in.

Rocket Jump
Ability 2: Rocket Jump

As the name implies, the Rocket Jump allows the Foot Soldier to jump high in the sky using rockets! It's a great mobility tool for taking shortcuts across the map along with providing access to high ground that other classes both plant and zombie can't reach on their own. During a Rocket Jump, you're still able to use both your weapon and other abilities, giving the ability combat use as well.

Ability 3: ZPG

The ZPG (Zombie-Propelled Grenade Launcher) is one of the most damaging attacks in the entire game. Foot Soldier bends over while the rocket loads in before firing it towards any unfortunate plant in the way. With a damage of 125-175 on a direct hit, not many can afford to risk taking this baby head on. The ZPG can even be used during a Rocket Jump and slows the decent of the Foot Soldier until he fires!