Electric Slide

Electric Slide

As one of the new fun-dead rolling around the streets of Neighborville, Electric Slide is dead set on prooving that disco never truly dies. With electrifying dance moves and attacks, any plant challenging this zombie to a duel is in for a boogie-based beatdown. She may seem outdated to other plants and zombies, but Electric Slide's dedication to disco is certainly comendable.

Primary: Boogie Bolt

With all the dancing Electric Slide does, she was bound to build up quite the static charge. The Boogie Bolt harnesses that power into a jumping lightning bolt which deals 14-18 damage per hit. Hitting a plant up to 6 times in a row with the attack will even temporarily stun them because all those consecutive shocks probably aren't too good for their bodies. Depending on how close other plants are to the target, the Boogie Bolt will even zap those standing too close to the one getting zapped.

Ability 1: Funky Bouncer

Taking a page out of Imp's playbook, the Funky Bouncer clears the dancefloor of any pesky plants trying to steal the spotlight. Electric Slide is able to toss out a gravitational device which drags any plant that comes in contact with it's gravitational pull towards an untimely demise. The attack is great for flinging enemies off of an objective or even into environmental hazards, such as cliffs or minecarts on railroad tracks.

Outta Fight!
Ability 2: Outta Fight!

Sometimes, it's best to get Outta Fight, outta mind. The ability turns Electric Slide into an indestructable orb of electrical energy for escaping fights that escalate out of control. While in the orb state, your movement speed is a tad sluggish and the plant team can block your exit with their bodies if they're fast enough. Outside of escaping, Outta Fight can also be used to avoid leathal attacks that can easily vanquish you, such as the Chili Bean Bomb or Chomper's imfamous Burrow.

Disco Tornado
Ability 3: Disco Tornado

Electric Slide's moves can get extremely wild rather quickly. As a result of that, the Disco Tornado is created to catch any plant it comes across into a wirlwind of pain. Any plant in contact with the tornado suffers 3 damage rapidly. An additonal input of the ability will make Electric Slide detonate the Disco Tornado for 30 damage to all plants caught in the blast.