From the far, far future, Citron is a bounty hunter who traveled back in time to provide some much-needed defense for the plant team. As a surprisingly mobile tank, Citron provides both methods to soak up and prevent tons of damage. Whether it be through blocking damage with the Peel Shield or stunning enemies out right with a shocking E.M.Peach, the future is now and zombies are gonna have to learn that the hard way.

Primary: Juice Cannon

Armed with freshly squeezed orange juice, Citron is able to rapid-fire a triple-barrel cannon of 50 rounds into the enemy with each dealing 3-4 damage per projectile. Due to the nature of the weapon, the Juice Cannon suffers from a high bloom rate so Citron is required to be close to the enemy for good damage.

Secondary: Peel Shield

Instead of zooming in, Citron is able to whip out the Peel Shield to absorb incoming damage for his plant allies. The shield can take up to 600 damage before shattering and recharges when not in use. By blocking shots, Citron is able to gain ammo for his Juice Cannon, making a dynamic of swapping between offense or defense to fit a situation.

Ability 1: E.M.Peach

The mighty E.M.Peach was created specificly to counter the power of the terrifying Z-Mechs, but it still finds use outside of that. When thrown out, the E.M.Peach will stun any zombie in the proximity of the blast and disable their abilities, sprinting, and weapons while also dealing 10 damage. When used on a Z-Mech, they will take up to 60 damage and be stunned for even longer than a normal zombie.

Spin Dash
Ability 2: Spin Dash

When in doubt, roll up and roll out! Citron can curl into a ball and dash at the opponent in a way that would make a certain hedgehog proud. The attack deals 50 damage and can hit multiple targets. Anyone feel like going bowling?

Navel Laser
Ability 3: Navel Laser

Throughout time, lasers have been proven to be effective at shredding through hordes of zombies. Citron realized this and is able to unleash the destructive power of the Navel Laser to tear through anything in his way. For 6 seconds, a percise laser is shot out of a lance-like weapon and deals gradually increasing damage from 5 all the way up to 17! Accuracy is key to using this ability, so make sure your aim is on point.