You'd think that a melee-based character in a third-person shooter would be a recipe for disaster, but Chomper manages to make a full-course meal out of that recipe. This carnvivorus plant loves to get in close and personal to take a bite out of those hungry zombies. Unlike the previous games, Chomper has actually been given some options to cover longer ranges. Still, his bread and butter is ambushing zombies from behind or below with his signature burrow attack for a one-hit KO!

Primary: Chomp

Who needs projectiles when you've got a set of really sharp teeth? Each chomp deals around 41 damage, enough to 3-shot most light zombie classes. There isn't too much else to say about it. It's an aggressive tool to use at close quarters with almost completely wreckless abandon. Just make sure you don't take on more than you can chew at once.

Secondary: Slobber Shot

New to the Chomper's kit, the Slobber Shot provides him with a ranged option that has infinte ammo and a slow fire rate. While it was meant to be used as a last resort to pick off enemies just outside of the Chomp's range, the Slobber Shot is extremely effective for sniping due to its fantasitc accuracy and damage of 35-41 per shot.

Ability 1: Spikeweed

While one of the more underwhelming parts of Chomper's toolkit, the Spikeweed provides a snare to catch unsuspecting zombies off guard by holding them into place while dealing 50 damage to them. This can allow you to soften a zombie up before you and your team go in the the kill. Just remember that Spikeweeds are pretty easy to spot, so planting your traps in places where they blend in is crutial to maximizing their effectiveness.

Ability 2: Burrow

The signature move of the Chomper, Burrow provides a deadly 1-hit kill move through swallowing a zombie whole! When you dig underground, you are given 6 seconds to approach and pick a target to devour. You can also stay in place to increase the timer to 11 seconds. Depending on the distance of your target, it may be worth consiering whether you want to go to the targe, or if you want to wait for the target to come to you.

Grody Goop
Ability 3: Grody Goop

While it's unknown how Chomper creates it, the Grody Goop unleashes a toxic cloud that lingers for 7 seconds. While zombies are trapped in it's area, they will be unable to use their abilities or sprint and suffer 45 damage every few seconds. This makes Grody Goop the perfect tool for denying chokepoints or providing those extra few seconds of breathing room during a fight.