Captain Deadbeard

Captain Deadbeard

All hands on deck! Captain Deadbeard is here to set sail for an exciting odyessy for tasty brains! While a captain usually resides in his private quarters, this pirate has no problems with betting up close and personal durring his duels. Still, even he knows when to give himself some distance to snipe through his trusty Spyglass Shot. Captain Deadbeard might have a peg leg, but he sure knows how to kick booty.

Primary: Scurvy Scattershot

For a pirate to horde so much treasure, it'd be a bit of a shame not to put it to good use. The Scurvy Scattershot releases a close-range blast that deals up to 32 damage if all of the 2 damage projectiles hit their target.

Secondary: Spyglass Shot

The trusty spyglass is one of the most crutial tools in a pirate's arsenal. This one even doubles as a weapon! When scopped, the Spyglass Shot will begin to charge based on how long you aim. Without charging, the first shot only deals 6-7 damage while a level 1 charge will deal 15-23 damage. Going to level 2 will increase the damage to 34-55, and a fully charged level 3 shot will deal 62-98 damage. Note that for each charge level, an additional shot from your ammo pool is used..

Barrel Blast
Ability 1: Barrel Blast

Like all barrels you would find on a pirate ship, the Barrel Blast is rigged to blow up at a moment's notice. Unlike those other barrels, this one has Captain Deadbeard jump inside the barrel and run towards unsuspecting plant groups. While inside the ticking timebomb, the captain has full protection from all attacks, sans the tiny hole he uses to see out of which a sniper can take advantage of. When he's ready, Captain Deadbeard can light the fuse of the barrel and gain a small speed boost before it blows up for 100 damage. Just make sure the barrel doesn't take too much damage before it goes off, or you might find yourself surrounded by plants and without a place to hide.

Parrot Pal
Ability 2: Parrot Pal

Every pirate needs a trusty Parrot Pal, and if they don't have one, why bother being a pirate? Like Cactus's Garlic Drone, this feathery friend acts as a drone which can provide both reconnnaissance to the team and deadly carpet bomb strikes upon foes with Eggplosions that deal 20-40 damage per egg. The drone suffers from a measly 5 health, so making sure this bird doesn't get shot down can make an engaging fight or flight experience.

Anchor's Away
Ability 3: Anchor's Away

Anchors are usually used to stop a ship, not fling their Captain overboard! With Anchor's Away, Captain Deadbeard can toss out an anchor of his own and be flung to where it lands. It's useful for gaining the high ground and can even be used to deal 50 damage to a plant if the anchor lands on them.