Every team needs a good sniper watching their team from afar, and Cactus fills that role perfectly. Whether it's from gaining high ground with her Petal Propeller or raining spikes from above with the Garlic Drone, Cactus provides strong defense to any team as long as she keeps her distance from the fray.

Primary: Spike Strike/Needle Shot

Cactus's primary consists of two modes. The first mode is the rapid-fire Spike Strike which deal around 7-9 damage per shot. It's not the most ideal way of fighting, put it can be a useful last-resort for zombies that get just a bit too close to you. The second mode comes in the form of the deadly Needle Shot. When you scope, Cactus's vision is slightly impaired to a circle, but will be able to see from much farther away. Depending on how long a scope is held before firing, a charge meter will begin to build up. An uncharged shot will deal around 5-7 damage and drain 2 ammo. Charging to level 1 will deal 15-23 damage, level 2 will deal 34-55 damage, and level 3 will deal 62-98 damage at the cost of 8 ammo.

Potato Mine
Ability 1: Potato Mine

Potato Mines force any zombie who values their life to constantly look down at all times. These little nuggets create a massive explosion when any zombie sets foot upon them for a whopping 175 damage; enough to take out almost every zombie class in the game! However, these mines can be detonated prematurely if a zombie choses to shoot it since they only have 30 health each. Still, planting these around a garden can be one of the most effective ways to introduce any carless zombie to a world of pain. SPUDOW!

Garlic Drone
Ability 2: Garlic Drone

When the high ground just isn't enough, take to the skies with the power of the Garlic Drone. With it, you can monitor zombie activity and fire down at them with the Needle Shot. After 18 seconds, the Big Bulb Barrage can be dropped into a crowd of the undead to rack up massive damage. Each of the 7 garlic bulbs do around 20 to 40 damage, making this an excelent way to output high burst damage. However, the drone will only last for around a minute, and that's only if it's only staying completely still. It also only has a measly 5 health, making the drone unable to take damage of any kind.

Petal Propeller
Ability 3: Petal Propeller

New to the Cactus's kit, the Petal Propeller finally makes use of those flowers atop her head to grant her that extra upwards mobility she so desperately needed. It only lasts 2 seconds and is further decreased with moving to the left or right, so only begin to move out of the ability at the high of the liftoff.