All Star

A fan-favorite of the zombie team, All-Star provides solid defense along with suppressive fire. This mighty tank doesn't need much to get going and can dish out serious pain with his Imp Punt and Sprint Tackle. His winnings from last season even let his upgrade his Dummy Shield to protect even more of his team! Despite being a major team player, he's not entirely sure of the true purpose behind a football.

Primary: Football Cannon

The formidible Football Cannon is just as powerful as before with an infinte pool of footballs to fire from, each of which deal 7-8 damage. While infinite ammo may seem like a blessing, remember that firing for too long will overheat the cannon and force it to cool off, leaving All-Star without a primary weapon.

Imp Punt
Ability 1: Imp Punt

When in doubt, punt an exploding Imp. What's the worst that could happen? When kicked, This deadly fan rolls a short ways before blowing up to a massive 100 damage, ususaly leading to many multi-vanquishes more often than not. The Imp Punt can also push plants it runs into, making them potentially imposible to escape under the right circumstances.

Sprint Tackle
Ability 2: Sprint Tackle

The art of tackling things is a tricky one to master. Luckily, All-Star is more than a pro with his signature move: the Sprint Tackle. In the blink of an eye, this football-based zombie can charge forward and land a strong 75 damage tackle on the enemy. If that tackle causes a vanquish, the cooldown for the next tackle is decreased, allowing for even more tackling!

Dummy Shield
Ability 3:Dummy Shield

The All-Star's classic Dummy Shield recieved a shiny new dome to increase its effectiveness at protecting fellow zombies. While it can absorb a lot of damage, it only lasts 15 seconds and will be destroyed if a plant hops inside the dome to take out the dummy itself. Still, a Dummy-Shielded team is certainly much more effective at clearing out the plants than an un-Dummy-Shielded one.