Acorn and Oak

Acorn and Oak

At a first glance, Acorn may seem rather underwhelming. He's fast and hard to catch, but his damage outtput and survivability are a bit lacking. That is until the mighty Oak is invoked to wreck havok upon zombie foes. Up to 3 Acorns can even catch a ride on top of Oak for increased survivability and damage. Together, the two form a tree-mendous pair capable of standing tall against anything in their way.

Primary: Shell Shot

Acorn embraces the power of splinters and rapid-fires wooden chunks at targets for 6-8 damage each. Due to the low damage output of the weapon, it's not recommended to engage opponents head-on. Instead, it's more effective to catch zombies from behind alongside a group of other acorns. With so many fast-moving targets, things can get nutty really fast. When ridding on an Oak, the Shell Shot becomes the Treetop Turret which holds infinite ammo, but only deals 4-6 damage a shot. In addition to this, the weapon will overheat if held for too long, so make sure not to let that wooden head of yours catch fire.

Oak Primary: Wood Grief

Oak trades out the rapid-fire style of the Acorn for slower, hard-hitting wooden explosives which deals 24-40 damage per shot with an extra 16 damage for splash, making it great to fire into hordes of zombies! The fire rate is slow, but that's the cost of this incredible firepower you gain.

Sap Trap
Ability 1: Sap Trap

Sticky bombs have nothing on these suckers. The Sap Trap is a small sticky explosive which can stick to both the environment and other players. On detonation or direct hit, the blast will deal a solid 60 damage. The main use of the Sap Trap is actually less of an offensive tool and more of a utility for movement. The actual blast effects Acorn directly, allowing him to blast jump into the sky for risky escapes or aggressive pushes.

invoke Oak
Ability 2: Invoke Oak

when in doubt, summon the mighty Oak to your aid! During the summon animation, you are left completely wide open to attack, so make sure you find cover before you sing your little summoning song.

Acorn Dash
Ability 3: Acorn Dash

Weaving in and out of a fight is easy with the power of the Acorn Dash! Acorn is able to dash in any direction up to twice in a row to dodge dangerous attacks or get in closer to an objective. The Acorn Dash can be combined with a Sap Trap blast jump for even more mobility!

Super Sap Trap
Oak Ability 1: Super Sap Trap

It's the Sap Trap, but super! The Super Sap Trap has all the same properties of the standard Sap Trap, but now has the added benefit of a whopping 125 damage! Use with extreme caution... or just use it with reckless abandon. Either way works.

Oak Ability 2: Treeject

Sometimes, an Acorn needs to leaf its tree. Treeject is essentially an emergency escape which transforms the Oak back into the speedy Acorn. Keep in mind that once you eject, you'll be unable to summon the Oak again for 20 seconds, so make sure whatever you're escaping is worth the cost.

Roll for Damage
Oak Ability 3: Roll for Damage

Rolling the dice was never something Oak was great at. He prefers to roll a massive 60 damage log to bowl over enemies. Roll for Damage is fantastic for crowd control and the Natural 20 upgrade even makes the logs inflict knockback to whoever it hits.