80s Action Hero

80s Action Hero

The 80s were certainly a wild time, and 80s Action Hero is her to remind those plants about one of the greatest things about those times: Explosions! From dodging timed explosions to blasting down a barrage of booming terror, this zombie's prime directive is to blow everything up in sight. When 80s Action Hero isn't doing that, he's charging up the mighty Bow Blaster to snipe plants off from a distance before finishing them off with a Can't Miss-ile, which (as you probably guessed) does not miss.

Primary: Bow Blaster

80s Action Hero's weapon of choice is the long-ranged Bow Blaster (which is actually just an old radio he suped up). The Bow Blaster has three stages of charge, with each growing progressively more powerful accurate than the last. When only charging to level 1, 80s Action Hero will fire off 5 mini arrows that deal 25-30 damage if they all connect, but suffer from a wide spread, making this more of a last-ditch attack for when plants are right in your face. Charging to level 2 causes the arrows to bunch up and fire off in three slightly more powerful blasts that deal 40-56 damage. Finally, charging all the way up to level three causes the Bow Blaster to fire off a single, strong, and fast arrow which deals a whopping 65-75 damage! When you hit a plant with a fully charged arrow, it will put a tag on them. You can stack up to three tags on a plant for powering up the Can't Miss-ile's damage and giving it a taget to home in one.

Dynamite Dodge
Ability 1: Dynamite Dodge

Every good action movie from the 80s needed to have a cool scene where the hero fearlessly dodges out of the way of a timed explosion. If that isn't the case, well then that's not gonna stop 80s Action Hero! When a situation looks dire, he can drop down a dynamite bomb and dodge roll out of the blast which deals 70 damage. This is 80s Action Hero's primary means of both engaging and disengaging from fights and should be used when you need a quick escape out of danger.

Rocket Ride
Ability 2: Rocket Ride

When 80s Action Hero needs some heavy firepower, he busts out the Rocket Ride to fire down a barrage of rockets from the sky! The rockets he fires off have incredible splash damage and deal 12-20 damage per explosion. The spread on these things are a bit wide, so it's best to use this when loads of plants are nearby to get the most out of each rocket. Just keep in mind that if plants are fast enough, they're able to run underneath you to avoid most of the damage and quickly take you out from below. Disclaimer: It's not a matter of if they run under you, it's WHEN.

Can't Miss-ile
Ability 3: Can't Miss-ile

A big problem with most missiles of today are that they always miss, but with the Can't Miss-ile, these missiles will practically aim themselves! When used, the launcher will fire off 3 missiles that home in on the nearest target in sight before exploding for 10 damage each. While this may seem lackluster, the Can't Miss-ile's real power comes into play when the 80s Action Hero scores up to three tags on the enemy. When this happens, the ability's damage output skyrockets to 25 damage per rocket and can even lock onto tagged plants not currently in your line of sight!