Gogoat Healer

Gogoat's stats basically go into health, defense, and attack. This Gogoat has an adamant nature to increase attack. This pokemon hold a maranga berry to raise special defense if hit by a special move. The strategy for this set is simple. First, you want to get a bulk up to raise both defense and attack. Second, you want to use milk drink to heal any damage and hope the opponent activates the maranga berry. From there use horn leech for STAB and some healing, or you can use earthquake for fire and poison types.

gogoat maranga berry


Grassy Pelt- If this pokemon is on grassy terrain, its defence is raised by 1.5 times.


Milk Drink, Earthquake,
Horn Leech, Bulk Up


HP: 208
Attack: 148
Defense: 152
Special Attack: 0
Special Defense: 0
Speed: 0


HP: 31
Attack: 31
Defense: 31
Special Attack: 31
Special Defense: 31
Speed: 31