Feraligatr Sweeper

Feraligatr has all his stats in attack and speed. Feraligatr boasts an adamant nature to have a high attack stat. The life orb deals a little damage in exchange for 1.3 times attack. First, feraligatr should use dragon dance to raise speed and attack. Then, if he can do it again, use another dragon dance. If you cannot, use the move that will do the most damage to the opponent. This build is fast and strong thanks to dragon dance, life orb and sheer force, which all raise his attack.

feraligatr life orb


Sheer Force- moves with a secondary effect lose the effect for 1.3 times power


Milk Drink, Earthquake,
Horn Leech, Bulk Up


HP: 4
Attack: 252
Defense: 0
Special Attack: 0
Special Defense: 0
Speed: 252


HP: 31
Attack: 31
Defense: 31
Special Attack: 31
Special Defense: 31
Speed: 31