Drampa Hyper Voice

Drampa's stats are most concentrated in health, special attack, and both defenses. This drampa has a modest nature for better special attack. it holds throat spray, which raises special attack if you use a sound based move. First, drampa will probably want to use calm mind to raise special attack and defense. Second, it goes for a hyper voice for STAB damage and activate the throat spray, which raises special attack. Then, use a move that best fits the situation. Finally if drampa reaches half health it gets another special attack rise for a total of 2.5 times your original special attack.

drampa throat spray


Berserk- if drampa is put at half health, it gets a special attack rise


Hyper Voice, Dragon Pulse,
Calm Mind, Roost


HP: 252
Attack: 0
Defense: 72
Special Attack: 160
Special Defense: 24
Speed: 0


HP: 31
Attack: 31
Defense: 31
Special Attack: 31
Special Defense: 31
Speed: 31