RayLee Zimmerman

About Me

I was born on August 11th, 2003, and I grew up in Northwestern Ohio which is where I still reside today. I probably will continue to live here for a while, but im hoping to live elsewhere in the future due to Northwestern Ohio not being the most entertaining or visually pleasing places to live, considering almost all you see around here are cornfields most of the time. The only school I have attended besides Four County is Holgate Local Schools which is where I have been stuck at since kindergarten, im glad to have made the switch due to Holgate having some of the most annoying people I have had the displeasure of knowing. During my 7th grade year I joined my school's marching band which I am still apart of today and I plan to be apart of it until the end of the highschool career. I am hoping to be able to get a career in game design or game programming, I havn't really decided yet. As a final project for Unity, I made a Game!

Free Time

During my free time I tend to enjoy playing video games mainly on my xbox. I also enjoy watching videos on Youtube and shows on Hulu such as It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and The Twilight Zone on my computer. Sometimes I draw stuff on my pc, however, I am not the best at drawing considering I only have access to a mouse to do it with. I do have an Instagram account where I upload some of the stuff I draw. Sometimes my parents need me to help them with stuff like mowing the lawn or stacking wood outside which I usually do grudgingly.

Below are some of the games which I play in my free time.

Halo Master Chief Collection
Halo Master Chief Collection

Halo Master Chief Collection is a collection of all the first person Halo games, Including Halo Combat Evoled and Halo 2 remastered. Halo is a fast first person shooter with enjoyable campaigns and fun multiplayer gamemodes.

Halo's Website
Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War
Call of Duty

Call of Duty a first person competive shooter. The game features fast paste gameplay and highly customizable weaponery which leads to every match feeling different. While some would say the series has dropped off recently, I still enjoy it.

Call of Duty's Website
Borderlands 2

Borderlands is a series of loot and shoot titles of which you play as a vault hunter, one who finds and open vaults. The games usally feature a campaign which tends to be replayable due to the randomness of the gear you get.

Borderland's Website