Dravin Gibson

Basic Information:

  • My birth name is Dravin Gibson.
  • I am 16 years old.
  • My birthday is on the 8th of June.


  • One brother (18)
  • One sister (19)


I have three pets all together.

  • One male Husky
  • One Siamese cat of each gender


For my hobbies, I usually spend my free time playing games with friends, hanging out with friends, and/or listening to music. I also occasionally indulge myself by watching television from time to time. One of my favorite sites to explore and spend time on isYoutube.com.

Mycoding instructor's websiteis a valuable resource for my future coding ventures while I am attending Four County Career Center. Such ventures might include making a game ofpong.

image of dravin gibson
This is a picture of me winning an award for getting a close second in a state level history competition.