My D&D Gods

The Void

They are a god who is an asecention of a very powerful human and a god of primality into one being above all. The human had saw the people of the world as weak and he wanted to change this. he was a royal who abused his power and did very bad things to his people but was strong enough to were no one could touch him. The one he ascended with is called nora she was the first spider in all exsistions and was summoned from the spirit relam to work for the human as a maid.

Deep Seas Terror

The deep sea terror is a god who is well known for strength, and the powe they weild and are near unstopable. They where a human blessed by there father who was god of the sea with the powers of one of the strongest sea creatures. She became known as the sea terror who protects a Certain part of the world from ship. she was cursed by her mother to have to go through multipule challengs but once she completed them she had acended to godhood do to the curse her mother put on her.

Inda The God of Digestion

Inda was a normal crocadile was blessed to be more human he had the ability to walk on two legs talk like a normal person. He had a deep love of food seeing how he was a crocodile before he wanted to eat a little bit of everything he had an unstopable appite he ate everything sometimes he didnt even bother to kill it first he just ate it alive. He is one of the primal god of the univers he holds alot of power and cant be stoped if he commands something to happen it will hapen there is no stopping his power.

The Eldrich eye

The Eldrich Eye is a being of mass and great power only matched by eldritch beings seeing as he was one. He was an eldrich tentacle being who was summoned by cultist who were taken out by the strongest people in the world. These two people had made a deal with this being seeing as he was lacking his true power they would help him get it in return he would work as a butler for there son. he was put in a robot lamp to try and keep from detection and hid him for evil people. he had one goal in the world and that was to study the mortal races.

The Dragon Ruler

The Dragon Ruler was a normal girl who had worship mighty dragons, void dragons to be specific they were the strong to ever live and now seen as mthys and gods in there power. She had been sent out to umbeark out on a quest sent by her church to go and help a group of people kill a coven a litchs who had combind there power to make them stronger to and to deal with this the girl and her compaions had to become gods a overcome this issue that was in there way and by doing so she became the ruler of dragons.

The Hero

The hero is a god from long ago he had pick 5 chosen few to be bestowed with his power and grante then super human strength. He had granted those chosen few with this power to give them the strength to stop the first demon emperor from whiping the world from exsistance. The demon emperor was not killed by the last standing hero who had been chosen becasue they did not have the strength to kill there own wife but instead he had sealed them away for many Eon. When the god hero had bestowed the 5 heros with power he had split him self into 5 peices granting them each diffrent power To one day eventualy be whole again.