Aqua Hydrocity Mixed Info

Pic 1 is of the Logo of Aqua Hydrocity. Logo was designed by Levi Snyder, one the cofounders of Aqua Hydrocity, he wanted a design that was simple but looked nice. So he decided to settle with the logo. He chose the three colors of yellow, red, and blue for what elements the correspond with. The yellow repersents lighting, something that he likes to look at as it strikes. Red is for fire, and blue is for water. Fire and Water are Levi's favorite elements.

Pic 2 is of a conduit in Minecraft. Since Aqua Hydrocity was going to be constructed in Minecraft, there was a small problem. You can't breathe underwater normally, so Levi then found out about the heart of the sea. The heart of the sea plus shells make a conduit. The conduit with the help of prismarine blocks can allow players to breathe underwater. He was going to put it in the middle of Aqua Hydrocity to allow the players to breathe all over the city. Having fish and other sea animals swim around with the players.

Pic 3 is of Levi's house in the realm. This house would have been either the entrence point to Aqua Hydrocity, or just a little pit stop to the city. His house had a nether portal leading to the portal network, so it would have been a good place to put the entrence. But since that server is no longer used it will not be build there. Instead it will be build on the modded server.

Main Info of Aqua Hydrocity

Aqua Hydrocity got its name from thinking what name would stand out against the crowd of all the other towns. Because Aqua Hydrocity means water water city it seemed like a good fit. Being that the city was fully underwater.

Aqua Hydrocity, AHC, was created by Vi and Levi Snyder on a Minecraft realm. It had relations with the another area called the flower kingdom, which was the neighbor of AHC, they had a bridge connection between each of the locations. However, the AHC construction underwater never began. It was all planned out but we stopped playing and moved on. Now Aqua Hydrocity is just the "company" they created and use.