About me London

About Me Now

 Now I am following my dream to become a video game developer by going to a trade school for game design and computer programming. My teacher is Mr. Geiger he is an amzing guy and has his own website. I'm also a video gamer who streams on twitch sometimes. One day besides game design I hope to be on a pro Esports team one day, even if that dream is out of reach. If I'm in Esports I will be in Esports Ohio See all the information on The Esports Ohio website.

About my Past

 In my past, I used to play sports Like Football, Wresting, Basketball, And Soccor. In the past, I hung out with my older brother a lot, but he moved away so now I don't see him much. I also used to be in a choir at my old school before I came to my new one to get involved in game design. I also was a big monster truck fan when I was younger and I remember goin to see one and it was amazing. I did go to a different school and had lots of cool friends and some cool teachers too. I do miss them at some points but I'm happy I'm at my new one.

About my ADHD

 Hello, I am London. I'm funny and full of energy. I can always make people laugh and put a bright smile on their face even when they are down. I do suffer from ADHD well, I shouldn't say suffer. Even with this "disability" I don't see it that way. My AHDH might make me not do school work but it allows me to be more creative. With this creativity i can make cool projects like never before. With this comes hyperfocus this allows me to stay on task i enjoy doing and working hard on them.