About me


Lab at Four County Career Center

Languages learned

  • JavaScript
  • SQL Database
  • HTML5
  • PC Pro
  • Python
  • Visual Studio
  • C#
  • Java
  • Unity
  • Greenfoot
  • Improved proficiancy with Google Docs

  • Lab projects

    Websites created

    • Junior year Website
    • JavaScript Website/ Senior Website
    • Official Resume Website
    • Games created

    • Pong
    • Platform Jumper
    • Hunt the Wumpus (D&D themed)
    • All projects on my JavaScript Website

    Honors and Awards

    Whilst I attended school at Four County Career Center I collected a few awards including


    I have won competitions that required thorough record keeping including

    Ohio 4-H Conference

    Citizen Washington Focus Delegate - Washington D.C.