Meme Man

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Fit of Rage Example

About Meme Man

Meme Man is pretty powerful in the surreal universe. He lived freely in surreal space until he was seized by the council and banished to Yamnation due to an unfortunate misuderstanding involving evil clones of himself and his power. Orang saved him but was secretly using him to get the dodecahedron of power and take over the council himself. Meme Man has hated Orang ever since due to his untrustworthyness and deceitfulness. He hates "Vegetals" and loves "Steank". He is most powerful when he is "A N G E R Y" and will go into this fit of rage when he sees something that he does not think is cool and good.

Meme Man has many occupations as well, seeming to keep multiple at the same time consistently. These occupations consist of, but are not limited to, Tehcnishun, Stonkholdr, Komydean, Ortist, Shef, and many others. He keeps these jobs effortlessly due to the fact that he has so much power to bend his universe and do multiple things at once.

For anyone that doesn't know, Meme Man and all of his Surreal Space living buddies speak a language called Surreal Speak. This language can be easily translated by reading the word normally and using the English language's rules to find what the word actually means. So any word that is seen as mispelled on this page may just be in Surreal Speak. Also when someone talks in Surreal Speak, their words will appear around them as actual matter.