About Shiggins

Shiggins is an all seeing being that can travel absolutly anywhere with the use of his portal powers. He dons a brown trench coat with no sleeves and is buttoned all the way up. The trench coat he wears hides what is actually underneath. Shiggins wears a layer of extremely durable armour under his coat to protect his body from any physical attacks. His coat lacks sleeves for further protection. He uses 2 portals to transport his hands outside his coat and armour. If he needs extreme protection he will pull his head inside his coat as well and his tophat acts as a seal that cannot be moved and is fused to the coat itself.

What does he do?

Shiggins may know a lot, but he doesn't know everything. For instance, he doesn't know his creator. He also lacks the ability to have feelings. Since Shiggins has the power to change the course of a universe's destiny, he needs something that will eliminate the erge to act on whims and not having feelings does just that. So if he can't feel emotion, then what drives his decisions to change the direction of an entire universe's future? No one really knows the answer to this. Maybe he is taking orders from a higher being, maybe he's doing these things just because he has the capacity to do so. Some of what we do know is that Shiggins knows his powers, how to use them, and their limits. Shiggins is known to be able to time travel in his own way and when a rip in spacetime occurs he makes certain thinks happen to steer clear of the rip to make sure it isn't made in the first place. The part that we don't know is when there is no rip present in the near future and Shiggins seemingly changes the timeline's direction for no reason.Shiggins has spoken only to one being. Who that being is is still a mystery. Some will have claimed to be the one whom he has spoken but none live up to their word. It is said that the one that has heard Shiggins speak does not want the world to know that he spoke with him. It is also said that Shiggins was never meant to be seen at all but there is no real way to answer these questions.